Indo-Muslim Cultures in Transition

UC Irvine 2008


Professor Richard Eaton,

University of Arizona, Tucson


    Professor Eaton holds an MA and PhD in History from the University of Virginia and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, respectively. At Wisconsin-Madison he wrote a dissertation on the Sufis of Bijapur, directed by John Richards. Subsequently, he worked on the Sufis of the medieval Punjab and wrote a monograph on the growth of Islamic society in medieval Bengal. More recently (2007), Dr. Eaton co-edited a volume with Professor Indrani Chatterjee (Rutgers University) on slavery in South Asian History and published a social history of the precolonial Deccan, featuring the biographies of eight individuals. He is currently engaged in a study co-authored with Professor Phillip Wagoner (Wesleyan University), titled Power, Memory, and Architecture: Contested Sites in the 16th-century Deccan.

























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