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   The co-conveners can happily report that the one and half day conference on Indo-Muslim Cultures in Transition turned out very well. The nineteen papers were exciting, bringing new questions and new research to the table as we traced Indo-Persian or Indo-Muslim cultures over time and space in South Asia. We will certainly be looking to publish most of the papers and perhaps the San Diego Museum of Art exhibition (in conjunction) catalogue as well.

    We want to thank key people who deserve credit for its success. Dr. Alka Patel and Dr. Didier Tas did the beautiful web site and posters. Sandy Cushman, our staff support person, was there beforehand and in the event, making sure that things went smoothly and well. Dr. Syed Samee provided his very lovely home in Fullerton for the banquet evening Nov. 1, coming back from his year away from southern California to be our host. David Trasoff, sarod, and Abhiman Kaushal, tabla, played a wonderful concert, and it was dedicated to our late dear friend and mentor Dr. I.K. Shukla of San Pedro. Shuklaji had been looking forward to this conference and we missed him, but the music was moving, evoking his presence among us. Syeda Khundkar catered the banquet with marvelous Hyderabadi dishes, even providing pan at the end. And Asad Zaidi had much of the conference and banquet videotaped, so perhaps those of you who missed it can still experience parts of this splendid weekend.

    Professor Karen Leonard





Conference and San Diego Exhibition

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